The community I represent today, is a reflection of the very beginning and the very best that is 21st century Melbourne and the shining success that is multiculturalism. A diverse community aspiring to do great things as we meet the changing face of Victoria and the world.

My Background-

My own life story starts with growing up in Kingscliff, a small town in northern New South Wales. My Dad’s the local Milkman, and my Mum did what so many women have done, gave up her career as a nurse to stay at home raising her three children. Mum worked in early childhood and after recently completing a TAFE course in Aged Care, now works in a nursing home looking after the elderly.

Like many students, I left home at 18 and moved to Brisbane to study law at the University of Queensland. It was here that I learned what it means to be a free and critical thinker and the importance of challenging the status quo.

I started off my career in the criminal justice system. As a Judge’s Associate, I had the privilege of travelling the trial circuit across south-east Queensland, and it was here for the first time that I started to understand how a lack of opportunity can affect peoples’ lives. What can happen to someone who misses out on an education for reasons out of their control and doesn’t have a family to support them. I was also able to see first-hand what happens to people when they fall through the cracks, unable to access the community support services they need. These experiences helped define my values and is the reason why I’ll always fight to ensure everyone in our community gets a fair go.

I’ve since spent 13 years of my life working across Australia on our energy future. An experience in an industry revolving around the need for long-term infrastructure planning, teaching me the importance of getting it right.

I have never been one to sit on my hands when something needs doing and I’m committed to fighting for the Outer West. Because our community is an extraordinary place to live, which why so many people are moving here and calling it home.

The Andrews Labor Government has risen to the challenge of building the much-needed infrastructure our community needs. From train stations and roads, to new schools, kinders and modern hospitals, so much was done in just four years. And we’re not slowing down.

My Vision-

Opportunities for our families should not and will not be defined by postcode. I’ve always said we need a fighter, a voice that is fair and reasonable, that will represent all of us. No matter the colour of skin, religious beliefs or the size of our bank account. My goal as your representative is to be that person. Someone our youth can look up to and aspire to be. Who will unite our diverse community, as we continue to grow for decades to come.