11 October 2023

Sheriff’s Office Victoria will have more capability to recover outstanding fines debt and encourage people to dealwith their fines thanks to investment from the Allan Labor Government.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes visited the Sheriff’s western metro headquarters today to inspect the first of 63 new vehicles fitted out to give sheriffs more modern tools for enforcement and operations.

The $9.47 million Fleet Upgrade Project is delivering three fit-outs of the Ford Ranger utility – an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) vehicle, an Arrest and Support vehicle and a General Execution vehicle.

The ANPR vehicles are equipped with new technology that enables a higher volume of mobile number plate
scanning to identify outstanding fines and increasing the capability of wheel-clamping operations.

The new ANPR vehicles will increase sheriffs’ ANPR capacity by more than 30 per cent, with three cameras able to read number plates at a wider range of angles.

Between January and September 2023, sheriff’s officers scanned more than 890,000 number plates and identified more than 50,000 individuals and companies with outstanding warrants totaling more than $50 million.

The Arrest and Support fit out will feature a single arrest pod with intercom and in-car video, wheel clamp storage and cargo capacity to support expanded roadblock operations with Victoria Police.

The General Execution vehicles will make up the rest of the fleet, equipped with in-car computers, wheel clamps, traffic cones and more storage space.

All new vehicles also come with added features like a standing desk, monitor and printer, meal facilities, 360 degree hazard lights and a roof mounted floodlight to support night operations.

In a boost for Victorian jobs, the vehicles are also being fitted out in Melbourne’s west using local materials and providers. The first four vehicles are expected to hit the road this month, with the rest of the fleet to be rolled out over the coming months.

Since July 2022, sheriffs have applied more than 3542 wheel clamps, seized and sold 66 vehicles, two items of machinery and a boat, and arrested 1146 individuals on their outstanding warrants.

Quotes attributable to Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes
“The new fleet represents a significant step in modernising the Sheriff’s Office Victoria, providing them with greater capability to enforce warrants and orders issued by the courts.”

“While most people do the right thing and address their fines, they don’t go away if you ignore them. I encourage anyone with outstanding fines to contact Fines Victoria to work out a way of addressing them before it reaches the Sheriffs.”

Quote attributable to Member for Laverton Sarah Connolly
“These trucks are a fantastic addition to the Sheriff’s Office – locally made here in Melbourne’s west to support their important work.