School Saver Bonus

19 June 2024

My question is for the Deputy Premier as Minister for Education. One of the cornerstone features of this year’s budget is the $400 school saving bonus, which will be made available to all students at government schools and those at non-government schools who have a concession card. This payment is going to help families with some of those pesky schooling costs: things like school uniforms, which is something I believe we are looking at how to make cheaper for families, as well as things like excursions, camps and sporting equipment. We know that families are struggling with the cost of living at the moment, and this is especially the case for families with school-age kids. As someone with school-age kids, I know all too well how these costs can add up, and that is why I know this bonus of $400 per child is going to help so many families. So my question for the minister is this: how many families in my electorate of Laverton are expected to receive this bonus?